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Our Technology

Advanced Solutions

Over the years, we improved our robot by making it more efficient and robust by implementing different mechanisms. Each year we used a variety of mechanisms such as, the cascade, rack and pinion, and multiple gear mechanisms. This year, our team aims to integrate CAD and 3D printing into out robot designs. 

Robot2 (1).jpg

Our Story

How We Got Here

We are Team High Voltage #18263 located in San Diego (Carmel Valley), California. Our team has been in the making since 2015. We participated in Junior First Lego League for one year, FLL (First Lego League) for four years and FTC (First Tech Challenge) for three years. Every year, we improved our robot, making it more robust and efficient, which helped us win many awards.

We are about to start our fourth year of FTC. This year, we want to go big, reach many people and spread the word about FTC. 



By contributing to our team, we can continue funding and allowing more opportunities for our team. Our team can get new parts, explore new opportunities and most importantly have fun!

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